In order to release your ESPP payout each month, Lendtable requires you to upload your most recent paystub to your dashboard. To be considered a "recent" paystub, you must have received this paystub within the last 30 days.

Screenshots of an account balance are not valid forms of contribution verification.

When do I need to upload my paystub?

To guarantee on-time payouts for the entire month, you must upload a valid paystub on or before either the 26th or the 11th. Your schedule will depend on when your last paystub was received, as we require one paystub for every 30 days.

You'll receive a notification each month and will be prompted to upload your paystub when you log on to your Lendtable Dashboard. From there, click "Upload" and select your downloaded paystub file.

What information must my paystub include?

  • Your first and last name

  • Date issued

  • Employer

  • Year-to-date earnings

  • Deductions

Why does Lendtable need a monthly paystub from me?

Because Lendtable Cash is used to replace your ESPP contributions that are automatically deducted from your paychecks by your employer, our team needs to confirm that you are making the maximum contributions.

If you are not making the maximum contributions to your ESPP, you will not earn the full profit estimated by Lendtable when you began your service and will not receive the profit needed to pay for your selected Lendtable service at the end of your contract.

By seeing your monthly paystub, which includes the money withheld from your paycheck to contribute to your ESPP each month, our team is able to verify that you are using Lendtable correctly and that we can continue our service without putting you at risk of ending your contract with less money than you started.

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