Our ESPP service contracts are for one year, beginning when your next offering period opens, and automatically renew year over year. Depending on when you applied for ESPP service, your next offering period may come some time after signing your contract.

ESPP customers will begin to receive their payouts when their next offering period begins. Payment will be due within 30 days of the close of each offering period, once their shares are transferred to their brokerage account. Even though you may pay your balance more frequently during your contract, you'll still receive your Lendtable funds regularly over the year as long as your balance is paid on time.

ESPP policies can include between 1 and 4 offering periods throughout a given year. Depending on your policy, you will be prompted to pay your balance 1 to 4 times throughout your contract.

How do I sell my ESPP Shares to pay my balance?

Your employer should issue you a company-sponsored brokerage account upon the transfer of your discounted shares if you do not already have one. You can log into this account to see your account status and take a number of actions on your account such as set your contribution, sell your shares, and see your balance.

Once your shares have been transferred into your brokerage account, you'll be able to log in and exercise your right to sell your shares at full market rate, securing your profit. Once you've received your funds, you can log onto your Lendtable Dashboard to pay your balance.

Note: Selling your shares immediately upon receiving them will secure your employer-offered discount percentage as your profit. This profit is subjected to market fluctuation and can change suddenly. Ideally, you could sell your shares the instant they are transferred to you, but the longer you wait, the more market fluctuation you could experience.

How long do I have to pay my balance?

We know that it takes some time to receive your shares, sell them, and pay your balance. For this reason, you have 30 days to pay your balance and continue receiving your regularly scheduled payouts. We'll touch base with you throughout this time to make sure you have everything you need. Once 30 days has passed, your future payouts will be paused until you pay your balance or speak to our live chat support team.

What happens if I didn't earn as much profit as Lendtable estimated?

After selling your shares and receiving the funds, you'll be able to pay your Lendtable Balance by logging onto your dashboard. If for any reason, the profit you made by selling your discounted shares at full market rate is different than the estimated amount we determined, you can reach out to our support team by live chat at the bottom right of your screen to make a correction on Lendtable's share.

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