There are a few common reasons your Lendtable application may have been rejected.

Most likely, the documents you uploaded during the sign-up process—in particular, your paystub and/or your policy—did not contain the information our team needs to confirm you have a valid 401(k) or ESPP employer match.

Common issues with a paystub upload

If your rejection email indicated that we cannot accept your application due to an issue with the paystub you uploaded during the onboarding process, it likely does not contain the information we need to verify your details and approve your application. To be approved, your uploaded paystub must include:

  1. Your legal name

  2. Employer name

  3. Your year-to-date (YTD) income

  4. Paystub issue date

Even if your paystub includes this information, our team may find issues or inconsistencies with the information provided. Your application can be rejected if:

  1. Your YTD income listed in your paystub does not match the income you reported during the sign-up process.

  2. Your uploaded paystub was issued more than 30 days before applying for Lendtable.

You can re-upload your paystub by clicking on the Documents tab in Account Settings, located in the upper-right corner of your dashboard. You can also reply to the rejection email directly to schedule a call with a customer success manager.

Common issues with a policy upload

If your rejection email indicated that we cannot accept your application due to an issue with the policy you uploaded during the onboarding process, the file you shared either did not contain the necessary information or is the wrong document entirely.

Depending on how you are using Lendtable, the onboarding process will ask for one of two policies: 401(k) or ESPP.

Your 401(k) policy must include

  1. Employer match percentage (%)

  2. Matching percentage (%) cap or matching limit in dollar ($) amount

  3. Vesting schedule

    Tip: If you have not been employed for long enough for your 401(k) to vest, you are currently ineligible to use Lendtable. Our team will reach out when you get closer to eligibility. If you're unsure about your vesting period, we recommend applying anyway or scheduling a call with a customer success manager to get more details.

  4. Withdrawal penalties, including details on in-service withdrawals and rollovers

    Tip: Withdrawal penalty details are not mandatory to include in your 401(k) policy upload, but it will help our team assist you with repayment.

Your ESPP policy must include

  1. ESPP discount percentage (%) or employer match

  2. Maximum contribution

  3. Enrollment period dates

  4. Offering period dates

  5. Purchase period dates

  6. Lockup period dates (if applicable)

    Tip: If your ESPP policy details a lockup period, that means your employer has set a period of time during which your stock purchase is susceptible to market fluctuation before you are able to sell your shares. If your policy has a lockup period, you are be ineligible to use Lendtable.

We cannot accept the following documents instead of a 401(k) or ESPP policy:

  1. A paystub

  2. 401(k) or other retirement account balance

  3. Employee benefits package

Other reasons for rejection

It is important to note that Lendtable is not a personal lender. Lendtable Cash is disbursed for the sole purpose of replacing the money automatically deducted from a paycheck to go toward a 401(k) or other company benefit. If you do not have a valid match policy, you are not eligible to use Lendtable, and your application will be rejected.

If your application was rejected for a different reason, you can reply to the rejection email to ask further questions or live chat with a customer support expert via our website.

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